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Hi Everyone! Today, I’ll be giving you my honest review of Spin Rewriter 7.0, As of now the latest version in the market (Spin Rewriter 6.0) which was released on Last year October. The current version spin  rewriter 7.0 will release on next month October.

Before going to see the features of new version of Spin Rewriter 7 . First we need to know the current version in-depth review and features.

Creator                              Aaron Sustar
Launch Date                     2016-10-12
Launch Time                     9.00 AM PDT
Niche                                   SEO
Price                                    $77
Refund                                30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support                               Very Good and Fast Response.
Official site                         https://www.spinrewriter.com
Recommended                  Yes

Why You Need Spin Rewriter 7.0 ?

We, internet marketers are very busy to work on different stuffs and not able to work on the contents. Usually they made their own daily routine work to monitor the upcoming activities and learning new stuff online.

So writing the content is more difficult task for them.

As per my experience, writing the content is a very difficult task in the earth for difference niche sites.

We need a smart assistant to help on this and to reduce our headache.

I was looking a tool which could help me on this to generate the articles based on my keyword to produce quality content with minimal turnaround time.

So I found Spin Rewriter 7.

This tool has lot of features so I can’t wait myself buying this beast.


Features of Spin Rewriter 7.0

  • Just fetch relevant articles based on seed keywords for spinning in just few seconds, from huge database of 126,000+ high quality articles.
  • Processing speed improved by 80%, reduced the timings from 5 sec to 1 sec on average length article.
  • Just one single click to get the 500 word article in just 9 secs.
  • Tool integrates with MS-Word to do the auto checker on spelling mistakes and grammar in one click functionality.
  • Popular spinning tools integration (Kontent Machine, KM Spinner, The Best Spinner, WordAi).
  • 100% auto insert relevant images and you tube videos in just few seconds.
  • Paragraphs and lists generated articles, re-ordered on total autopilot.

And many more awesome features once if you find out then you will start using it.

What I am going to do in this Spin Rewriter v6 Review ?

One year ago someone asked me which is the best article spinner tool then I would recommend two words: Spin Rewriter. Past one year I have been using this tool for tier link building.

In market there are some many spinner tools are available but still the best tool would be Spin Rewriter. Let me tell you why….

Before going into it, let me brief about the article spinning in general. In search engines, doesn’t allow duplicate content and it make sense for us because some of the articles are already ranks in particular position in Google, then why they rank the same articles again?.

The goal of spinning article is to get more in-depth knowledge in that article like uniqueness, readable versions and different synonyms. All the generated articles are human readable and well rank in search engines.

If you want to write a unique article and do well rank in search engines then it get very time consuming for you to do this stuff.

That’s where Spin Rewriter comes into the picture.

Spin Rewriter 7.0 – is the Best Article Spinner?

I have found this tool in Warrior Forum…..I have to try new things in the market….just signed up the trail version for this tool for one week…..there were few flawless and overall the product was quite good to reduce my time.

I am very much excited to looking into the Spin Rewriter version 7.0 on next month.

The new version of Spin Rewriter has ENL Semantic Spinning Technology, which is not there anywhere else in the market. This unique feature is the key for this tool….. How it works…..just not analyze your keywords but also sentences and paragraphs as well.


Does it sound too good? Well, trust me.

That’s what I thought of it until I gave the new version a try.

Let us give you an example:

Sentence 1

Once it’s booked, he will enjoy the excellent movie with drink Tea, coffee or snacks.

This sentence spins from Spin Rewriter.

{tea, coffee, or snacks | tea, snacks, or coffee | coffee, tea, or snacks | coffee, snacks, or tea | snacks, tea, or coffee | snacks, coffee, or tea}

This is the common practice among the entire article spinners tool but the multiple variations are easy in this tool automatically. Other tools you need to do on manually, which are not hard but it takes time consuming task.

Spin Rewriter does for you, Imagine how much time you will save…..hours of boring…..

This tool has unique capabilities to recognize each word like (subject, object, adverb etc.,).

Re-organize the entire structure of your original sentences…..that’s makes unique in Spin Rewriter.

If you’re still not sure how it works, check out the screenshots:

Rewrite your article by highlighting words and phrases.

Spin Rewriter 6 Review

Spin Rewriter 6 discount

In the above screenshot, I have personally used 2nd and 3rd options. In the entire scenario option 2nd is the best. If you want to add some synonyms then go with option 3rd.

What I really enjoy about this tool is you can use it from anywhere, whether it’s on PC or Mac.

Spin Rewriter 6.0 hosted it online, which means you don’t do anything to install. Even it works in Smartphone and Tablet.

If you want to travel short distances then you will use Spin Rewriter 7.0 tool in your Ipad or Smartphone.

Check out the testimonials about the tool:

Spin Rewriter 6 Review

Spin Rewriter 6

The best part of Spin Rewriter 7 software to use trail version free for 5 days. That’s right, offer a 5-day free trial to anyone who sign up and test the features. After the trial period if you want to continue then buy the product or else discontinue your membership.

Very low ($37 a month) investment required to get this tool. What are you waiting for? Whether you are completely new to article spinning or already using article spinner…..Spin Rewriter 7.0 is MUST!


What’s the Price of Spin Rewriter 7.0 ?

The price of this tool is $497 for lifetime and $37 if you want to pay monthly.

Monthly –$37

Yearly –$77 (Actual cost is $197 /year, that’s 60% DISCOUNT!)

spinrewriter 6.0

It will help you to save hours of work. Wish you happy spinning!


1. Merge Articles (Software) :- Value of this Free Bonus: $39.95

This software tool allows you to effortlessly combine your content into a single document fast!

It’s perfect for bringing together a lot of articles or other type of content for distribution on your websites.

Just click a few buttons and you instantly merge together multiple articles in .txt format in order to create one large article for use in text rotators and other tools.

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and newer.

Download Link: Click here to download 

2. Content Screener (Software) :- Value of this Free Bonus: $39.95

This software tool comes with a variety of extremely helpful features for every content marketer:
– It compares two articles side by side and reveals the percentage of duplicated content between the two articles.
– It shows you exactly which parts of text are duplicated using different color highlighting.
– It saves you time and effort when rewriting articles due to the easy comparison.
– It displays the keyword density of each article for the keyword you’ve chosen.
– It helps to check on your freelance writers’ work and ensure that your content is not duplicated and will never be penalized by the search engines.

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and newer.

Download Link: Click here to download 

3. Article Helper (Software) :- Value of this Free Bonus: $19.95

This neat software tool is meant to, as the name implies, help you write articles. It will put your “in-progress” and completed articles all in one spot, you can organize them by word count, title, niche.

Article Helper functions as a basic text editor, and allows you to work on articles and come back to them later, never losing track of anything.

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and newer.

Download Link: Click here to download 

4. Articles Into Videos (Ebook) :- Value of this Free Bonus: $19.95

Contents of this ebook: 1. Introduction, 2. Article Marketing, 3. Video Marketing, 4. Integrating Article and Video Marketing, 5. PowerPoint for Videos

The best way to integrate article marketing and video marketing is to first write articles and submit them to content rich websites (suggestions inside the ebook), and then turn each of your articles into videos that can be submitted to various video sites.

When you first create the articles, be sure you are using keywords for the titles. These keywords will be critical for the traffic of both your articles and videos (this is why we’re also including the next bonus, called »30-Minute Keywords«).

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5. 30-Minute Keywords (Ebook) :- Value of this Free Bonus: $29.95

Uncover extremely profitable keywords in minutes. This ebook will teach you to:
– How to simplify your keyword research and uncover some of the hottest keywords for insanely profitable markets, instantly!
– How to determine what keywords to use within your affiliate campaigns for maximum conversions and profits!
– What you need to know about long-tail versus short-tail keywords that will have a dramatic impact on your overall profits!
– Quick & easy keyword research strategies, including a list of top tools and resources!

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6.Content Marketing Strategies (Ebook) :- Value of this Free Bonus: $29.95

Once your content marketing is up and running and your website is growing at a steady pace, it’s time to take your content marketing to the next level. That means having more integrated content and using a wider variety of formats.

Advanced content marketing also means working to strengthen your brand, voice, and personality because through that you’ll become more widely known. You’ll become the website and business that your prospects turn to.

Advanced content marketing also gives you the unique ability to begin to fine-tune your audience and your customers. Through personas and market segmentation, you can begin to craft content that speaks to your ideal customer. You’ll forge a stronger bond and create brand loyalty. This is the power of content marketing and it’s waiting for you inside this ebook…

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7. Ultimate Link Building (Ebook) :- Value of this Free Bonus: $29.95

Here’s what this amazing ebook reveals in an easy-to-understand format: Link Building Basics, What is Link building, Importance of Backlinks, Search Engine Optimization Basics You Need To Know, 10 Ways To Build Backlinks, The Difference Between 3 Category of Techniques, White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Gray hat SEO, How To Avoid Being Slapped By Google Updates, Creative Link Building Techniques, Untapped Backlink Sources… and more!

You’ll discover how to build links to outrank your competitors and get your site on the top of search engines for more traffic, more revenue and more profits.

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How to Grab the Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus Items?

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Step 2: Get Product Through My Link

Step 3: After completing your order, send [ Your name; date of purchase ] to my email at abhishekfatehpur@gmail.com

Step 4: You will get all bonuses within 24 hours or less. Notice: You Should Check Both Your Inbox And Spam Box To Be Sure That You Can Get My Bonus Email!

Trial 5 Days Now!


Want to buy GOLD Membership of Spin Rewriter 7?

Would you like to upgrade to the exclusive Spin Rewriter GOLD Membership? GOLD Members receive:
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